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Why Losing Amazon Smile is So Upsetting

When Amazon announced last month that it was ending its Smile program on February 20, it caused quite a stir. Of course, we understand that Amazon has every right to stop this program and channel their philanthropy to specific areas that they feel are beneficial. Unless you are part of the nonprofit community, you may not understand the impact of their decision. It's not just about the money.

For sure, nonprofits depended upon the quarterly donations they received from Smile. For some, it was several thousand dollars a year! For others, it wasn’t as much but it was still a help. Sadly, we took that income for granted, that it was always going to be a part of our budget. This loss of income is just one reason why nonprofits are so upset.

Another reason why nonprofits loved Smile so much was that it was an easy way for people to support their nonprofits of choice without having to give money out of their pockets. With many people having tight household budgets, it can be difficult to afford a donation to a nonprofit. However, most people buy from Amazon and the Smile program allowed them the opportunity to help.

Let’s face it, nonprofits don’t like to keep asking people to donate. And supporters can get tired of the constant asks. Smile was an easy way for nonprofits to gain supporters without having to ask for money.

We’re very disappointed that it’s going away and hope that we can find another way to raise necessary funds.

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