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Sanctuary Residents

Four-Legged Forgotten Oldies Senior Animal Farm (FLFO) is a safe haven for homeless senior dogs. A non-profit organization, FLFO is dedicated to saving and sheltering old dogs from area shelters or surrendered from older adults who either pass away or can no longer care for their precious dogs. Some dogs stay in residence here at Forgotten Oldies Farm, living out their lives with love and comfort, while the healthier ones will be available for adoption. FLFO’s initial focus will be only old dogs.

Senior Pets - A Love You Never Regret or Forget

Meet The Retirees 

Olive 3.jpg
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Meet Olive! She was surrendered to the shelter by her owner because they said she wasn't eating and couldn't stand up on her own. Olive is 11 years old and weighs 57lbs, and is a complete love. She eats just fine and has no issue at all with standing up! In fact, she eats so well that she's on a diet and exercise regime to lose about 17 pounds. Follow her journey! 

Be ready to see the cutest dog ever! Meet Ransom, or Handsome Ransom as we like to call him. Found as a stray in Baltimore city, Ransom is about 8 years olds and a Pomeranian. He's playful, loving, and sweet. He's healthy and active but has luxating patellas in his back knees but it doesn't stop him.  He is only available for adoption to someone who has extensive experience with Ransom's quirky behaviors.

Dory 6-5-24 3.jpg


Meet Duke, a 7lb, 13-year-old Yorkie. He found himself at a shelter when his owner had to go into assisted living. The shelter knew that was no place for this tiny dog. Duke came to us looking pretty rough. He weighed only 5 ½ pounds, his hair was sparse and oily, and his eyes and nose were nearly crusted shut. Our vet diagnosed him with a condition called neurogenic dry eye, causing not only his eyes to dry out but his nose too. The medication our vet prescribed did the trick! Duke has gained weight and is feeling and looking good! Duke's eyesight and hearing are a little limited but he gets around just fine. He can be a little wary of strangers and needs to take it slow, possibly due to his limited eyesight. But a couple of yummy treats convinces him that you're his best friend. Will you open your heart and home for this special little guy?


Liberty, aka Libby, was turned into a shelter as a stray. She was scared and emaciated. We got her out of there right away! She's estimated to be between 12 and 14 years old. Sadly, we discovered that she has a tumor on her heart which is probably cancerous. We are looking for a home to take her in for however long she may have - we've known dogs with this condition to live up to year! Libby is a sweet, loving girl.


When we saw the photo of this little girl, we knew we had to help. Turned in as a stray, the shelter believes she's about 16 years old, weighs 5.7lbs, and she's deaf and blind. If a rescue didn't take her, the shelter was going to humanely euthanize her. We couldn't let that happen. We're calling her Dory, a name often meaning kind and optimistic. She is very kind and sweet. She doesn't know what's happened to her because her surroundings are so unfamiliar. She's confused. We're going slow and letting her acclimate at her own speed. Please give this precious soul a big welcome!

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Follow Our Residents' Journeys

Remembering Previous Retirees



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