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About The Farm

FLFO is located at Forgotten Oldies Farm, a 1 ½ acre private home in northern Baltimore County. Forgotten Oldies Farm was created to give reverence to all things old. In a society that values youth and tends to push elders aside, we believe that old things have so much value and need to be appreciated – humans, animals, trees, heirloom and native plants and vegetables, music, and even possessions like treasured family antiques. At Forgotten Oldies Farm, you will find all of that. And we are dedicated to appreciating the worth and love they have to give us all.

The goal of Forgotten Oldies Farm is to grow most of our own food. For now, the farm is providing a large variety of organically grown vegetables to feed the humans who live here for most of the year, plus a few vegetables to supplement the dogs’ meals. As we expand, our goal is to be able to treat the dogs to much more. What we can’t grow ourselves, we try to buy from locally-sourced markets and farms.

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