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Fospice Program

FLFO is very pleased to announce that we are now offering a fospice program. What is fospice? It's term created to describe when a pet has a terminal illness and is essentially in hospice care, and they are in a foster home.

The fospice home provides all daily care, medication administration, transportation to vet visits, food, and love. FLFO covers the cost of all needed medical care (excluding extraordinary measures) and provides ongoing support and guidance as needed.

FLFO currently is looking for a fospice home for Libby and Duke. Libby was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her heart. Libby is showing no symptoms right now. She is a very sweet girl but has some signs of beginning dementia. She will pace for awhile until she finds a place to settle down. But when she sleeps, she's out! Libby is now crate trained and will "hold it" overnight and for at least 5 hours during the day. 

Duke has a mass in his esophagus (probably cancerous), an enlarged heart, a gall bladder filled with "sludge," and neurogenic dry eye. He needs a caring home to patiently feed him small portions of wet food, give him meds, and drops in his eyes. Duke is a very sweet little boy who just wants to be loved. 


Plus, we are looking for more people who will be willing to open their hearts and homes to a dogs in the future who may need a fospice home.

Interested? Please complete the application below and email or mail it back to us.

Thank you for caring!

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Download, complete, and return to us via mail or email. We will contact you once received to update you on your application status.

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