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Available for Adoption


Stop, look, listen! Ransom is adorable! But he is only available to someone who has extensive experience with dogs who have Ransom's behavior issues. Yes, he's as soft as a stuffed toy and just as cute and is a very smart, affectionate little guy. But he's quirky.


Originally aged at 12 years old by the shelter where he was turned in as a stray, we agree with our vet team that he’s more likely about 8 years old. Ransom loves to keep watch over the neighborhood as much as he loves being cuddled. He’ll use his paw to pull your hand to his face to stroke him.


We initially thought he needed to be an only pet but since he was neutered, he is doing much better. We have taken things very slowly with him and the other dogs here. When he first met the other dogs, he was territorial and showed resource guarding towards humans. We have worked with him and he has made great progress.

He learns quickly and really wants to please. He knows sit, wait, watch, and come, walks nicely on the leash and is perfectly crate and house trained.


Ransom needs a very special adopter. Please read our Senior Moments post to learn about him.  Ransom Notes (

FLFO requires a home visit therefore adopters must be within 40 miles of Baldwin MD.

Are you ready for a new, loyal best friend? Olive is your girl! She’s an 11-year-old Beagle who is happy, active, and loves to be around people and other dogs. Olive arrived at FLFO weighing 61 pounds. Her owner surrendered her because they said she wasn’t eating and could no longer get up on her own. Well, no wonder! She was 20 pounds overweight! And we have never seen Olive turn down a meal. In fact, one of her favorite pastimes is to graze the back yard for bunny droppings!

Olive loves to take hikes in the park and walks through the neighborhood. She’s lost 10 pounds so far and it brought back her vitality. Olive has no health issues.

Olive is looking for a home who will continue with her weight loss journey by providing her with healthy meals and lots of exercise. She also would love to have a canine friend to play with but not necessary.

Olive knows sit and up (beg), walks nicely on a leash, and gives gentle kisses. She could use a little work on her treat taking skills, however. She’s very exuberant about her food!


FLFO requires a home visit therefore adopters must be within 40 miles of Baldwin MD.

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Download, complete, and return to us via mail or email. We will contact you once received to update you on your application status.

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