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What If You Don't Come Home?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

You may have heard us advocate to have a plan for where your pets will go in the event of your passing. But do you have a plan if you live alone and something happens to you where do not return home? Your pets could be left to fend for themselves for days before anyone discovers them and then end up at a shelter. Please don’t subject them to that fate. Here’s a planning guide to help.

1. Be sure to check in with a friend at least every other day. Ask that friend to check on you if they haven’t heard from you in a while.

2. Put a tag on your keychain or place a note in your glovebox and/or purse that you have pets at home.

3. Place a sign on your door that you have pets. Also add your emergency contact’s name and number.

4. Inside the door, keep a notebook of information about your pets: names and descriptions of each pet, name and contact number of veterinarian, feeding information, medication schedules. If your pets came from a rescue organization, list the name and contact information.

5. If your pets are to be returned to a rescue organization, contact your municipal shelter and give them this information. In the event that the police need to take your pets from your home, the shelter will know where they are supposed to go instead of them being listed as strays.

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