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What Does It Take to Open a Sanctuary

What do we hear most often from people when they learn about FLFO? "I want to get a farm and rescue all the homeless pets!!" Most of these people have very good intentions but probably have very little experience with what it takes. There are so many pieces required to make it work. You can’t just bring in the animals and hope for the best! Today, we’ll talk about one of the most important aspects, money. Yes, it really must come down to money because old pets usually have health issues, especially ones who have been neglected for quite a while. Those are the ones we focus on because they need us the most.

Pets require regular veterinary care which has gotten much more expensive lately, just like everything else. Bringing in animals without providing them with good care is not what we call “rescuing.” Food and treats, heartworm preventative, and even diapers are regular monthly expenses. But add in medications commonly needed by older pets such as insulin, thyroid, dry eye, etc., and the bills add up. What happens when the pet gets a serious illness? The costs will run in the thousands. We’ve heard of back surgeries that cost up to $14,000!! That’s when rescues and sanctuaries who have limited budgets and depend on donations need to make difficult decisions. Do we treat the pet and spend all that money when we could be spending this money on rescuing several more pets? It’s often not and easy or clear-cut decision which will probably bring criticism from quite a few people.

Next week, we’ll discuss the challenges that come with old dog behaviors!

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