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We'll Never Stop Advocating

Our founder and president wrote this post on Facebook recently. We will never stop trying to educate people about puppy mills and backyard breeders.

You may remember Larry. He spent 8 years living in a small, dirty shed at an Amish farm as a stud dog. They breed Goldendoodles at this farm and probably get $800-$1000 per puppy. When they were through using Larry, he was lucky and was able to go to a rescue, my rescue, Four-Legged Forgotten Oldies Senior Animal Farm. I spent my money, not the rescue’s money, to neuter Larry and have much needed dental work. Once I met him, I decided to spend my own money for Larry because I really wanted another standard poodle. I considered him to be my dog, not the rescue’s. I adored him; nobody else was going to have him!

After being with me for just three short months, Larry was happy and becoming quite social. He had overcome his past with very little effort. Then he started with diarrhea. Nothing worked to check it, despite several days of hospitalization and treatment. Our vet did an ultrasound to find out what could be going on. Cancer was all through him. Humane euthanasia was the only option. I was devastated.

Anyone who loves animals should be upset by this too. Larry was too young to die of cancer. His genes are passed on to the countless number of puppies he sired. People spent a lot of money for these puppies who will probably die young of cancer too. They will spend thousands of dollars as I did to help save their precious loved ones. Their hearts will be broken just like mine.

I occasionally talk to people who say how wonderful the Amish are and I cannot agree. Of course, I cannot generalize that all Amish mistreat animals and exploit them, or that certain aspects of Amish culture can be admirable. But from my experiences, abuse of animals and duping the public overrides anything positive about them.

I will keep posting this in hopes that it gets shared and educates people to stop supporting Amish breeders. They are a powerful, influential lobby group that blocks the passage of animal welfare laws. If we cut off the demand, they cannot stay in business. Please help me with this mission. For Larry’s sake and all of the other dogs who can’t speak for themselves.

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