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Two Losses

Our little world was rocked on Memorial Day when Tristen suddenly passed away. What made it even more difficult is that we had just lost Lacie on May 18. Two of our precious dogs in less than two weeks. Lacie's death was not a surprise. She was a couple of weeks away from turning 17 and had been declining for quite some time. Her anxiety had gotten much worse, and she was losing control of her bowels and bladder. She was clearly not enjoying life anymore and we made the difficult decision to put her at peace.

Little did we know that Tristen would follow right behind her. He had always had a slight cough which the vets could not find a cause. We suspected reflux because he would often regurgitate his food. But last week, the cough worsened and he experienced two episodes of what looked like mini-seizures. A fellow rescuer mentioned that it could be syncope, a heart-related issue. Before we could get him to see our vet, he awakened on Memorial Day morning at 3:30am in distress. He was coughing and panting. We tried to find an emergency vet but due to the holiday weekend, the wait times at all of them were over 8 hours. Tristen passed away under a tree in the backyard as we lovingly caressed him at 7:45am. It was devastating.

We miss Lacie and Tristen very, very much, as we do all of the other dogs who have blessed us with their presence here. Rest in loving peace, our friends.

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