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The Last Vet Visit

The day every pet owner dreads happened to us just last week. Golly had a very bad night, was pacing and whimpering and obviously uncomfortable. We were able to get an early appointment at the vet, despite being a busy Saturday. Our vet is amazing. They did an ultrasound on Golly and found that the tumor on his spleen was bleeding, and he had a large amount of stones in his bladder. Our poor boy! He must have been so miserable and couldn't tell us. After a frank discussion with the vet, who told us that the bleeding from the tumor would only get worse and would be painful for Golly, we made the decision to end his suffering. The decision was obvious but still not easy. We are so sad and miss Golly very much. We know he had many fans and you'll miss him too. Thank you all for loving Golly.

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