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Teeth (Or Lack of)

It's been 11 years since Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK was published and it seems that nothing has changed. People still clamor to buy dogs from puppy mills and bad backyard breeders because they "have to have" a certain breed or mix. Our recent addition to FLFO, Beau, spent 10 years as a captive breeding dog in a kennel that actually adhered to the standards of the law. But that's not saying much. The standards are very low. Beau's teeth were in horrendous condition, so bad that it hurt him to eat, and he constantly pawed at his face. Yesterday he had a dental, and 15 teeth fell out as the vet was cleaning them and she extracted 12 more. 27 teeth! He has just 7 remaining. Beau is lucky; he was saved from his life of being a breeding dog and he will have a loving home for the rest of his life. Not so for the many thousands of dogs who live in solitude and poor conditions as puppy producers. We need to do better for the dogs we claim to love so dearly.

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