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FLFO's New Fospice Program

Did you see the news? FLFO has received a grant to fund a new fospice program. What is fospice? It's term created to describe when a pet has a terminal illness and is essentially in hospice care, and they are in a foster home.

The fospice home provides all daily care, medication administration, transportation to vet visits, food, and love. FLFO covers the cost of all needed medical care (excluding extraordinary measures) and provides ongoing support and guidance as needed.

This program is just another step we are taking to allow us to bring more needy dogs into our care. FLFO receives an average of 10 pleas a week from shelters and individuals to take dogs and it breaks our hearts to say no.

We hope you will consider becoming a fospice home for FLFO. You can find an application here: FLFO Fospice Application

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