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Okay, So I’m Plump and Up in Years!

Our very sweet girl, Olive, has been with us since May 2023. When she arrived, she weighed 61 pounds. She was surrendered by her family to the shelter because they said she wasn’t eating and had trouble getting up. Well no wonder! She was at least 15 pounds overweight! And we have NEVER seen Olive turn down a meal!

We immediately placed Olive on a diet and exercise program. It’s been quite a struggle to get her to adhere to it because she clearly loves to eat. She spends her free time in the yard snuffling out anything she can find that may be edible. But she’s managed to lose 10 pounds (yay!!) and loves to take walks. She has a spring in her step and is very happy to explore. She has another beagle friend that we join to walk local trails, and Olive keeps up with her younger buddy.

So why haven’t there been any applications to adopt our girl? Is it ageism? Or body shaming? Or both? We hope not! Maybe it’s because there are sooooo many beagles available in shelters and other rescues, and even the young ones aren’t getting adopted.

That makes us sad. Beagles are wonder dogs. They have a very happy disposition and make great companions. We hope that someone who loves the breed will also appreciate an older “fluffy” girl and give Olive a chance.

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