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Saying Goodbye Too Soon

It’s taken me over a week to write this post. I’m still in shock, very, very sad and quite angry. Larry left this world on Saturday, November 6. He had had some diarrhea the week before but on Friday when he wouldn’t eat his breakfast and seemed lethargic, we took him to our vet. Bloodwork showed very poor liver values and the vet thought he had pancreatitis. He was immediately placed on fluids and meds. An ultrasound was done and showed suspicious areas on his spleen, kidneys, and in his intestines, and the lymph nodes in his abdomen were enlarged. The ultrasound was sent to a specialist for more exact interpretation but our vet suspected lymphoma. We discussed possible treatment options and were optimistic because Larry seemed otherwise healthy. On Saturday morning, more bloodwork was done and his liver values had declined even more, despite the treatment. His diarrhea worsened even though he was on anti-diarrhea meds. We finally received the specialist’s report – 99.9% certain that Larry’s body was filled with cancer. We were devastated. His vet team was crushed. We kissed Larry goodbye at 2:45pm on Saturday, after just three short months together.

We brought Larry’s ashes home yesterday with a renewed fire and passion to educate people about where many puppies come from. We’re mad because Larry died young of advanced cancer. We’re mad because he only had a name and knew love for just three short months, after living nameless in a small, filthy shed for 8 years. We’re mad because he more than likely sired hundreds of puppies who carry the gene to get cancer at a young age. Their families will endure the heartache we have now, as well as the steep vet bills we also have.

How can we get the word out to people to really understand the issue of bad breeders and to get them to stop buying from them? Breeders are deceptive and will do anything to convince buyers that they are quality breeders.

Larry came into our lives for a reason. His love and passing has fueled our

passion again to educate about puppy mills and bad breeders. We hope you will join us.

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