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The Delightful Scent of Doggie Doo-doo

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Ah, the joys of an incontinent senior dog! Golly must like the feeling of total relaxation in the middle of the night, and that's when his bowels always seem to relax as well. Inevitably, we wake up to the delightful scent of doggie doo-doo. And this takes a toll on the blankets and towels on his bed. Of course, we are always doing laundry.

This morning, we washed the comforter and a couple of towels that were used to give Golly a "sponge bath" because he decided to lay in the doo-doo. In mid-spin, the washing machine died. It let out a very scary alarm and none of the water drained out. After talking with the repairman, he said it would cost too much to repair it and it's best to just buy a new one. Sigh... Not what we wanted to hear! But we know we'll be needing a heavy-duty machine to handle all of the dogs' laundry. Time to just do it. We're getting a high capacity, front loading machine and fingers crossed it will be delivered within the next couple of days.

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