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Respecting Each Other's Space

We wrote about Lacie's separation anxiety in the previous post. She has suddenly decided that she does not want to sleep anywhere else but in our bedroom. She howled and panted until 2:00am again the night after the last post so we relented and let her in our room, much to Golly's dismay. You see, Lacie claimed the edge of Golly's blanket that covers his large round bed and Golly is a little afraid of Lacie (she will growl at him if he infringed on her space). That freaked him out and Golly paced and paced. We were finally able to move Lacie onto her own bed and got Golly settled back on his.

As of this writing, Golly and Lacie have settled into the new sleeping arrangements and all is well. They both sleep through the night and respect each other's space. And we are able to get some sleep too!

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