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Another Ransom Note

Ever since Ransom has been posted for adoption, we have received numerous inquiries about adopting him, and it is obvious that some people are not reading or comprehending the information we have posted about him. They see his picture and only look at how cute he is or how much he reminds them of a dog they once had. Ransom is so much more than a pretty face. He is a complex personality who must be understood.

We recently spoke with a woman who sincerely read everything about him and said that all he needs is for someone to show him that he’s loved then his behavior will improve. Her intentions were good but so naïve. Ransom is very loved here at FLFO. He is a very affectionate little guy who likes to sit on your lap and be stroked. He gives sweet little kisses. But it’s on his terms. There are times when he wants to be left alone. We have learned to recognize his signs and we respect his space. Not everyone knows how to read a dog’s body language. Ransom needs someone who can do that.

We’re so sorry if you think we’re being too strict with our adoption criteria for Ransom. Even though he’s only 8lbs, he has a big personality and will let you know who is in charge! We want what is best for him and for his forever home. Thank you for understanding.

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