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AARP Article and Video About Our Founder!

In the heart of Forgotten Oldies Farm, where compassion meets the wagging tails of senior dogs, something extraordinary unfolded on a crisp Tuesday, October 17. A film crew from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) graced the farm, eager to capture the essence of our mission and the incredible journey of Chris Shaughness.

For Chris, the founder of Four Legged Forgotten Oldies Senior Animal Farm (FLFO), this day was not just an ordinary Tuesday; it was a day when the spotlight shone on the dedicated work she and her team do to rescue and provide loving homes for senior dogs. Accompanied by Erin, the proud adopter of Abner, now happily known as Winston, and Winston himself – FLFO's first success story – Chris stepped into the interview with a heart full of passion and commitment. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of purpose, knowing that the interview could bring attention to the cause of senior dog rescue on a national level.

Throughout the interview, Chris unveiled the journey of Forgotten Oldies Farm, narrating the challenges, triumphs, and heartwarming moments that define the organization. Erin, with Winston by her side, shared her personal experience of adopting Abner and the joy that senior dogs bring into the lives of their adopters.

The AARP film crew, dedicated to capturing real people and real stories, delved deep into the core values of FLFO. They explored the farm, capturing the serene landscapes where senior dogs find solace in their golden years. The laughter, the barks, and the unconditional love that permeates the air at Forgotten Oldies Farm were beautifully translated into a compelling narrative.

The culmination of this incredible day resulted in an article and video featured on AARP's website and Facebook page under the title "Real People, Real Stories." The national recognition bestowed upon FLFO was not just a milestone for Chris but a triumph for every volunteer, supporter, and, most importantly, every senior dog whose life had been touched by the compassionate work of Forgotten Oldies Farm.

Chris expressed her gratitude to AARP for shining a light on their organization and, by extension, on the often overlooked and forgotten oldies in the canine world. The article and video serve as a testament to the power of collective effort and the positive impact that one dedicated person, like Chris, can have on the lives of countless animals.

The AARP interview was not just a moment in the spotlight for Chris and Four-Legged Forgotten Oldies; it was a beacon illuminating the path towards a future where every senior dog finds a loving home and the care they deserve. As the article and video continue to reach a wider audience, the hope is that more hearts will be touched, and more lives will be changed in the name of compassion, dedication, and the enduring bond between humans and their four-legged companions. To read the article please visit:

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