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Four-Legged Forgotten Oldies

Who We Are

Four-Legged Forgotten Oldies (FLFO) Senior Animal Farm is a safe haven for older dogs. Located in northern Baltimore County Maryland, the farm is a long-time dream of its founder. Some dogs who come to live here will stay here forever, and the healthy ones will be available for adoption. Our goal is to work with area animal shelters to offer a loving, lifetime home for older dogs who have lost their homes. We do not take owner surrenders but will consider taking senior dogs who belonged to senior citizens who have passed on or who had to move to a facility that will not accept pets. Our preference is to save the oldest and neediest dogs. 

FLFO is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Senior Pets - A Love You Never Regret or Forget

Senior Dog Spotlight

Peanut and Larry (2).jpg

In 2010, Chris Shaughness, our founder, wrote a book called Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK based on her experiences as a trainer and behavior consultant working with people who had adopted dogs who had been used as breeders in puppy mills. The book was the first of its kind and is still a valuable resource. 

Chris stayed active with educating people about puppy mills but it wasn't until August 2021, when Larry joined FLFO, that Chris really felt the passion renewed to work on this terrible and upsetting problem. Larry only lived for three months at FLFO, succumbing to cancer at age 8. Chris and the FLFO team were devastated. Larry was a smart, sweet dog who only knew freedom and love for three months. He had been living in a small, filthy shed on a farm that bred Doodles. He was probably the father of quite a few Doodle puppies sold in the PA/MD area, and those puppies carry the gene to die young of cancer. It's heartbreaking.

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FLFO only accepts senior dogs from elderly adults who need to move or who have passed away, and a small number from shelters and puppy mills. If you do not fit this criterion, please do not contact us. We will need to know the age, breed, and weight of the dog, any health and behavior issues, and if the dog gets along with other dogs.  A financial donation to help with the care of the dog will be required. Thank you for your understanding.

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